Q & A

What is Dyno Racing?

  • Dyno racing is a competition to determine the most powerful engine in a controlled environment.
  • An engine dynamometer (dyno) is used to measure torque, or power.
  • A state-of-the-art, SF-Powermark Engine Dynamometer was installed last year.
  • This event focuses on measuring average horsepower from 4,000-7,500 RPMs per cubic inch.
  • Each competitor has up to ten ‘dyno pulls’ during their run.
  • An average of a competitor’s best three pulls determines their final score.
  • The top two engines battle it out on the final day of the competition.
  • The winning engine is immediately torn down and inspected to verify compliance with the event rules.

What is The Race Engine Challenge?

  • The Race Engine Challenge was created by engine builders, for engine builders.
  • It’s a week of comradery, problem-solving and nail-biting rivalries.
  • Up to sixteen competitors from around the country gather annually in Charlotte, NC.
  • Specific rules are determined in advance and all engines entered must comply.
  • The focus is on two classes of American V8 Engines: Inline Valve and Canted Valve/Hemi.
  • The winner is determined in the American Iron 2-Valve Shootout.

What is The Technical Engine Conference (TEC)?

  • TEC ticket holders will enjoy the perks of being around sophisticated engines without having to bring one! Bring a buddy instead (and receive that second ticket at half price).
  • Hot Rodders who work on their own engines can appreciate the synergy created by a group of engine enthusiasts mingling for a week with the opportunity for 1-on-1 time with speakers and fellow engine builders.
  • To hear horsepower being made and see live streaming dyno pulls on a wide screen TV just 40 feet from the roaring engine… you’ll feel as though you’re standing inside the control room.
  • The Technical Engine Conference and Race Engine Challenge dovetail as perfectly as Batman & Robin; pretzels & beer; Thelma & Louise…


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