Ticket holders will have the opportunity to mingle with these fine engine builders.

Greg Brown SBF/Hammerhead Hemi Heads

Len Caverley Pontiac/Wenzler

Tim Davis BBF/Super Cobra

Joe Griffin SBC/Speedmaster 15*

Randy Malik SBF/Yates

Randy Malik SBC/All Pro 13*

Mark McKeown SBF/Hemi Heads

Josh Myers LS/LS7

Ben Robey SBF/Trick Flow Windsor

Dale Robinson Olds/Ultra Pro

Eric Roycroft LS/LS3

SAM School SBC/SB2

Brandon Tyson LS/LS3

Darrick Vaseleniuck SBC/SB2

David Vizard/Terry Walters SBF/Mystery Heads

Jammie Wells LS/SBC Hybrid/LS

Although the roster is full… if history is any guide there will be one or two that encounter technical trouble and have to drop out. Therefore, if you have any interest in getting in the game, give Greg a call to discuss what you have in mind.

Greg Finnican
p) (704) 408-7356

2018 Winner
Race Engine Challenge

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VP Racing Fuels & Lubricants


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